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Knowledge and Innovation Management 

Innovation is a very popular topic today. Most organizations, if not all, embrace the idea that innovation should be promoted and supported. However, very few of them seem to understand that their current structure actually prevents this from happening. Organizations build up over time by specializing people on what they do best, in technology or in management fields. And the organizational structure itself, which tends to become more and more complex and is seldom simplified, is fundamentally built around the idea of control. It is rooted in the premise that managers have enough knowledge, at least as much as all their subordinates put together, and thus can take most decisions without asking for advice.

But rigid organizations with pyramid-shaped org charts are not and cannot be innovative. 

Innovative organizations combine three forms of internal structures:

  1. The formal organization, materialized by the org chart, which materializes control over resources and how they should be allocated

  2. Project teams, which focus on delivering a result within constraints of time and budget

  3. Communities, which connect like-minded employees to help them do their job better


The core business of Mopsos is to help large organizations become more knowledge-centric and innovative. It is no so much about changing the existing structure than about creating new ones, and more specifically:

  • community-centric organizations focused on creating and sharing knowledge. 

  • project-centric organizations focused on turning knowledge into value.

The tables underneath present the expertise domains and services of Mopsos

Knowledge Transfer
Knowledge Sharing &Collaboration
Knowledge Elicitation
Knowledge Storage
Knowledge Dissemination
Round table
Retrospects / post mortems
Search-Based Applications
Brown Bag Lunch
End of Project Report
Document Management Systems
Knowledge Café
Lessons Learned Files
Open space
After Action Review
Enterprise Wiki
Expertise Location
Blog Post Publishing
Peer Reviewing
Mind Maps
Video Platforms
Creating e-learning modules
After Action Review
Blogging Platforms
Wiki Articles
Support Processes
Organization Modes
Innovation Contests
Learning Paths
Communities of Practice
Project Management
Expert Careers
Retirement of Key People
360° Evaluation
Support & Governance
Enabling Technologies
KM Policy & KM metrics
Connections / Mobility
Change Management
KM Audit
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Since I retired in 2022, I’ve been providing professional consulting and training services to clients from Paris and beyond. From knowledge management to innovation management, my focus is to transfer everything I have learned through twenty years of successful practice in this challenging yet exciting field, now boosted by AI. I’ll work with you to create a customized plan of action for yourself or your organization. Get in touch to learn more about my vision and consulting approach.

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66 Boulevard de Reuilly, Paris, France

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